Friday, June 28

Thank you Lisa at Mommy’s Apron Strings.

Recently I came across a lovely site called Mommy’s Apron Strings.
After admiring the beautiful outfits and patterns I became a follower.

 Lisa generously shares some of her patterns and one of the free patterns is a lovely little Sunsuit, as soon as I saw it I wanted to make one.

In my stash I have lots of fat quartes  that need to be used, this is my first little Sunsuit using two of these fabrics.  
I made a change and put a little elastic in the legs.

I have another cut out ready to make up, the pattern is a gem and easy to make.


Sunday, June 23

2 Little dresses

These two matching little dresses I made for my grand daughter Quinn and her cousin Ashlyn who lives in Canada.
My daughter in-law Sandra and grand daughter flew to Canada last week for a 10 weeks holiday to visit family.  This is the second set of matching dresses I have made for both little ones, small size is for 9 month old  (for my g'daughter ) larger size is 3-4 year old.   Sandra thought it would be cute to see cousins wearing matching dresses for family outing and photos.
I'm looking forward to seeing a photo of girls in their dresses.

Friday, June 21

My new Machine

Since buying an Overlocker in May my muse has taken me in a new direction and sewing for my Granddaughter has become a consuming passion.
At one time my studio had little garments hanging on every available door knob, I’ve made dresses, frilly overalls, long pants with matching tops, an adorable vintage sun suit with frills, 3 sleep sacks and a variety of tops to go over leggings.

All 3 of these dress patterns are    free patterns

           Thanks to  


Thank you for sharing patterns, I follow your blogs by email.

Had to show a  close up of this little dress it looked beautiful on my Grand daughter with matching little flower headband.  I have made this pattern five times in a variety of fabrics.

Each little garment has given  me such joy to make and most importantly my lovely Daughter in-law Sandra is thrilled and loves them all.  

Monday, June 17

Time flies when you are enjoying life!

Been 4 months since I posted.

Last year we brought a bus and converted it into a motorhome/ recreation vehicle .   
My Mr. T did all the work and has done an amazing job, this was a 9 month project, a real labour of love.. grin) 
My part in this venture was all the upholstery, curtains, matching pillows and bed cover.  
We are thrilled with the end results and have spent many weekends in it.
Also had two  trips to Melbourne to visit our beautiful Granddaughter ..oh and her  mummy and daddy 

Tuesday, February 5

Embellish - Embellish - embellish!


While I was dusting off the shelves in my studio this morning I had to move a few of the elves I made ages ago, this is one of those little Elves. For his body and hat I used a lovely old piece of green velvet I had been saving for that special project.       The pattern was designed by an Aussie designer around 13 years ago, her name has escaped me at the moment but I will look it up and give her credit. I have used this pattern many times over the years.  I thoroughly enjoyed making and embellishing them.

Each Christmas a family of little Elves decorate my house.
I had forgotten about a little gold silk Elf that is waiting to have his legs sewn on and be adorned with embellishments so he can join the other elves.

I have made a new To Do list and  embroidery and beading is on my list and today I added the gold elf to.

Sunday, February 3

French Knot Silk Hearts lurking in my cupboard!

When I was looking for more lace in my cupboard I came across these two silk French Knot hearts I was working on about four years ago (I'd forgotten about them)
A you can see one heart needs a few more thousands of knots made to finish it.

These little heart will not go back into hiding I will complete it whlie watching TV or favourite movies.

Lace Book in the Making

My studio floor still has little nests of lace over it, my work table and my ironing board are also piled high with trinkets and bead containers and  I couldn't bring myself to put all this lovely lace away just yet.   When I'm in this little creative block I sewed lots of  bitty lace pieces together thus making a  large crazy patch of fabric while waiting for some inspiration.  .
To the rescue came my muse *Miss Augathella-Musella*  Go make a little scrappy note book and give it away . She tells me I should have a  Blog giveaway... never one to ignore my muse in case she disappears, I set to work.   The photo is of a few of the pages I have completed so far.   

The hardest part will be working out how to do a Blog give away! 
 Will work on this part later... smile)

Wednesday, January 30

Fun in the petals.

                                You never know who you will find playing amongst the fallen petals.

Today's the day for some Shabby Lace Love!

For a long time I've wanted to make a Shabby white wall hanging.
I fall in love time and time again when I see beautiful lace books, tags and wall hangings on my visits to my favourite blogs.

Last year Viola over at  Shabby Chic Inspired  shared this digital collage created with images from The Graphics Fairy, I saved  and printed a copy ready for use, thanks Viola hope you like my little creation.

When I create I'm very - very messy, think this is because I never have a plan and go wherever my muse takes me.
Wasn't long before my table and floor was strewn with lace, Jewelery containers and many other bits and bobs, things everywhere, what  fun to play amongst vintage laces and trinkets.

 It took me nearly as long to take photos as it did working on the hanging.      No matter how or where I snapped my photos are still a bit dark.    I need to take a class in photography and learn more about my camera.

Tuesday, January 29

Re-cycle Jeans Legs

When sorting out my wardrobe last week I came across a pair of 3/4 jeans that I hardly worn, decided  to cut them off into knee length shorts.

Made this little bag from left over legs last night, this morning I trimmed both sides with scraps of fabrics, ribbons, beads, a small velvet flower and metal butterfly.   I think this little bag needs some treasures to go inside, hmmm.. mind is racing with ideas... guess what I will be doing this

Monday, January 14

A New Year begins... Happy 2013

Flowers from my garden
This year my plan is to change my studio to look like the vision I have in my head  (well hopefully like that vision) and spend more time creating.

A few months back I found an old blackboard easel, today I  painted  it white, added a new large memory board,  my Mr. T added 2 clips to keep board  from falling off the easel.
 Now instead of having papers and notes all over my work  tables and computer desk I have a place to pin them.

Friday, December 21

Cody - Waiting paitiently !

 My Christmas decorations are all up, our living room is decked out in white, silver and green this year.
 I inherited this little tree about 8 years ago from my youngest son and his then girlfriend (now wife) when they went to Canada to live for a while. The tree has a slight lean in this photo Cody was checking it out... maybe hoping there was a treat on it some

Friday, December 14

my Christmas Angel

My gorgeous GrandDaughter Quinn Annalise

Sunday, December 2

Paper Birds

Sandy over at Quill Cottage shared  her lovely Christmas tutorials on her blog.

I fell in love with her sweet paper bird ornament and had to make some.

Saturday, December 1

Start with a little Rust fabric

Had such an enjoyable day in my studio, no interruptions just hours happily creating.

journal back
I made another journal to add to my Christmas gifts list. 

Early morning Stitching!

Up at 6am this morning,  with cup of coffee in hand I headed to my studio. 

Between blog visits I made a cuff  for the altered button I made ages ago, {girls can do many things at once can't}

Can't remember exactly  how long this little button has been waiting for me to make it's cuff .

Thursday, November 22


This morning I have been inspired by visiting lovely blogs. 
I so enjoy it when people share the changing seasons decor of their homes, also what they have been recycling, or painting, findings at garage sales or simply changing the look of a treasured piece.

With all this inspiration flowing I just had to add a few small changes to my place.
I started by printed a new cover for an old book, added a bow and vintage Broach for a bit of glam, found  a pair of old gloves amongst my stash, and my pearls,  A new center piece for one of my glass tables.

Close-up of Vintage broach.

I have had this beautiful Vintage treasure given to me by an elderly friend about 17 years ago.

I did not stop here...
Recycling a chip container by cutting it in half, covered both pieces with fabric (display swatch from curtain shop ) cut roses motives from old lace and glued onto fabric, very happy with new containers.

Wednesday, November 21

Lace Bag

This Lace pouch and little hearts was made from mixture of vintage and newer laces and Doileys.
I think you cannot have lace without adding a few pearls. I also a decided it needed a little flap to close.

Sunday, November 18

Whats new on my coffee table.

My new book.
I borrowed this beautiful book from the Library,  loved it so much I wanted a copy to keep. 
After searching my local book shops to no avail , I  looked on the internet and found it at Amazon.

Friday, November 16

Left over Brown Paper.

Had fun with leftover brown paper and fabrics scrap on my work table this morning,  backing is 3layeres of torn brown paper with inked edges to give it an aged look.  Stitched  other bits and pieces and this what evolved.
 As I cannot resist making books this no doubt will end up being on a cover. 
Bird Cage
I love this white corner, isn't this birdcage wonderful!