Tuesday, February 5

Embellish - Embellish - embellish!


While I was dusting off the shelves in my studio this morning I had to move a few of the elves I made ages ago, this is one of those little Elves. For his body and hat I used a lovely old piece of green velvet I had been saving for that special project.       The pattern was designed by an Aussie designer around 13 years ago, her name has escaped me at the moment but I will look it up and give her credit. I have used this pattern many times over the years.  I thoroughly enjoyed making and embellishing them.

Each Christmas a family of little Elves decorate my house.
I had forgotten about a little gold silk Elf that is waiting to have his legs sewn on and be adorned with embellishments so he can join the other elves.

I have made a new To Do list and  embroidery and beading is on my list and today I added the gold elf to.

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