Thursday, November 22


This morning I have been inspired by visiting lovely blogs. 
I so enjoy it when people share the changing seasons decor of their homes, also what they have been recycling, or painting, findings at garage sales or simply changing the look of a treasured piece.

With all this inspiration flowing I just had to add a few small changes to my place.
I started by printed a new cover for an old book, added a bow and vintage Broach for a bit of glam, found  a pair of old gloves amongst my stash, and my pearls,  A new center piece for one of my glass tables.

Close-up of Vintage broach.

I have had this beautiful Vintage treasure given to me by an elderly friend about 17 years ago.

I did not stop here...
Recycling a chip container by cutting it in half, covered both pieces with fabric (display swatch from curtain shop ) cut roses motives from old lace and glued onto fabric, very happy with new containers.

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Bird Cage
I love this white corner, isn't this birdcage wonderful!