Sunday, February 3

Lace Book in the Making

My studio floor still has little nests of lace over it, my work table and my ironing board are also piled high with trinkets and bead containers and  I couldn't bring myself to put all this lovely lace away just yet.   When I'm in this little creative block I sewed lots of  bitty lace pieces together thus making a  large crazy patch of fabric while waiting for some inspiration.  .
To the rescue came my muse *Miss Augathella-Musella*  Go make a little scrappy note book and give it away . She tells me I should have a  Blog giveaway... never one to ignore my muse in case she disappears, I set to work.   The photo is of a few of the pages I have completed so far.   

The hardest part will be working out how to do a Blog give away! 
 Will work on this part later... smile)

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Bird Cage
I love this white corner, isn't this birdcage wonderful!